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February 14, 2018




I'm  not really sure if I should mention that Valentines Day was made up from a very great advertising agency for a greater drink with a red can and a white font. I think you all know which Brand I mean. Ok but seeing it from a romantic way, yes, it's a special day for lovers and to celebrate the 14th of february. 

Ok, I can't. 

I don't believe in Valentines day.

Sorry to say. 

I believe in Love. Oh yeah I do. 

But not only on Feb. 14. Sorry no way. 


Dear women, moms, friends, yourself a very big favor. Be your own valentine. Why not? Self love is much better and much more important. Trust me. Been there - done it. 

Don't wait for a miracle, don't wait for someone who might (never) ask you for a date...why daydreaming??? Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself. 

February 14 is just a day in a year but a very great ad agency made this day so special and this person who's idea this was is very happy up to this day...I hope. Well, this person must be very rich. 


Guess what I will do today? Sleep, eat and enjoy the laugh of my little rambutan. Of course if my husband wouldn't be today in Berlin for a meeting I would go to Clarins have a beauty treatment and would go after to the nail spa have a medi/pedi and then would dinner in a french fancy restaurant with my love. 


BUT my date is today my daughter and me. This morning I had a great homemade beautymask. My daughter had Banana porridge for breakfast, me porridge with leftover from my daughter. She had mashed parsnips for lunch and I had Tortellini with truffles - fabulous!




Take this day as a remembrance to do something good for you. Because you are the only one who knows what is good for you. If you still don't know, that is ok, really. Find out what you like or not. Because it's already good if you know what you don't like. Most of the people doesn't know because they never tried. So maybe take Feb. 14 as a challenge and a remembrance to find out what makes you happy and do something good for you. 





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