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April 6, 2018

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October 21, 2018

What a beautiful day yesterday was. A bachelor's day with lovely ladies and a beautiful bride to be plus it was also her birthday. So much to celebrate. As one of her maid of honour, yes we are two 😍, @ambizydrinkincoffee just gave birth - congratulations to her and husband and the sweet kid 😘, we were thinking that antje would love how to learn to make Macarons. 



First I did my research in Cologne around but I didn't find the right one. Everything was too commercialized and so cheesy. We wanted something classy elegant, pinkish and no drinking games. And isn't it all about to find the right one? 😊 So I took a look further...on the "forbidden city" Düsseldorf, (the cologne people have a little fight and competition going on, I guess😄.) And then I found this wonderful website with the much more beautiful and smart owner Isabel @lapetitebellerose. 



It felt right, you know what I mean? I knew this is it. Antje would love the concept, Isabel, the shop, the Macarons and to eat😁. Looking back, I'm so happy that I decided to go for what felt right. Also if the most of us had no clue about baking, Isabel and her mom made our baking experience so easy that I would think in the end "yeah! I can do this by my own...😉"




Antje was in her element. She always loved to bake. 





So we are really happy. First mission accomplished. Next, wedding 👰🏼 

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