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Little rambutan is sick

November 8, 2018

This week is/was a tough week. 




On Monday we received our last vaccination. But what we didn't expect was that my little rambutan got so mad about the inject that she throw up and cried very hard. The next day it got worse, the doctor told us already that this might come. She got high fever and a very bad skin irritatation reaction to the vaccination. Her feet got swollen and red pustules and blisters were all over them. I got so worried and couldn't find any answers. Plus, she didn't want to eat anything and if she did, she threw up...all over me. Poor little girl. And thanks for having so many towels and a fantastic washing machine. Sorry, but humour still helps. I know, I know, you all mothers will tell me "been there done that" or "on the end she will be fine". Yes, she will be fine. But in the middle of it it's tough. So this picture shows an early morning picture of a kinderwagen and the beautiful view of the schwerin castle. I took the pic when I was frustrated and my nerves were somewhere but not with me. So I saw, in the foggy morning and with this beautiful light, that not everything is dark. It's just a moment. And the pic I captured was a nice moment with a good feeling that maybe not today but tomorrow will be a better day. 



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